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Last week I enjoyed some lovely (and very needed) days of me-time. Just a few days of vacation, away from the daily hectic, away from work, away from stress, no social media… I have been combining work and motherhood for almost ten months now and even though I’m blessed with my job and the happiest easy-going baby girl ever, I absolutely need these getaways now and then. Be in a different environment, slow down, breath in fresh air, recharge with new energy.

And ‘recharge’ was what I did the last couple of days :). We stayed in a nice villa near the beach and had lovely walks in the dunes and on the beach. It’s the simple things that make me happy. The wind through my hair, having a hot cocoa (or a glass of wine) after a long walk… But also luxury things contribute to my happiness. Getting a massage, having the pool of a beautiful spa all to my myself, dine at a nice restaurant, taking a long bath with my favourite bath oil… And -lucky me- I enjoyed all of those things last days :).

I’m not sharing too many details about my getaway, but I do want to share a Travel Beauty Tip with you: my favourite Jo Malone ‘Blackberry & Bay’ bath oil. I got it last year and I take it along on all of my trips. The smell is simply divine; blackberry juice with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Whenever I take a bath with it, the air fills with this heavenly scent, and I love it that it lasts on my skin. It gives my precious me-time just that little bit of extra ♥.